The possibility of Diablo 4 game support for direct storage technology

Data miners in Diablo 4 beta version files Signs of tech support Found DirectStorage but there is a lot of confusion about the supported version.

According to the information published on Reddit, support for DirectStorage technology is considered in the beta version of the Diablo 4 game, which has recently finished its public beta. Direct Storage technology allows users using high-speed NVMe SSDs to load pages faster, which is most efficient when using the Windows 11 operating system. Of course, in addition to loading pages, this technology is also effective in the field of in-game data loading during its experience, which ultimately leads to a smoother experience of large and open world games.

It is noteworthy that the supported version of these games in the published files is 1.0, while version 1.1 is the latest version of Microsoft technology. This difference is important since in version 1.1 we have the fourth stage of the GPU compression feature, which makes the responsibility of decompressing or decompressing files removed from the CPU and transferred to the graphics card. GPU can decompress game data more efficiently and thus bring better performance in game execution.

The main character of Diablo 4

Of course, it should be noted that the presence of files related to direct storage in Diablo 4 codes does not necessarily mean that this game will support Microsoft technology in the future. In fact, the developers may have only tested this feature in the game structure.

Therefore, until this news is officially published by Blizzard, it is impossible not to comment on it. Especially considering that this is an old version of direct storage technology and this decision may have been abandoned later.

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On the other hand, Direct Storage has always been a very useful and important technology on paper, but in practice it has had very little effect on the performance of games, which was mostly due to the lack of games that support it. In fact, only one game currently supports its latest version, which is Forspoken.

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