The possibility of Ed Harris appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Wonder Man series

Ed Harris, the actor nominated for 4 Oscars, is apparently going to appear in the Wonder Man series. Also, the character actor of this series has been determined.

Marvel Studios is making a series based on the character of Wonder Man and now according to the latest Cinema and TV newsMore actors have been added to this series. During the latest episode of The Hot Mic podcast, noted movie insider Jeff Snyder said he heard Ed Harristhe actor nominated for 4 Oscars for the movie Apollo 13, the movie The Truman Show, the movie Pollock and the movie The Hours and the actor of the Westworld series has been added to the cast of the Wonder Man series.

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Snyder said that Harris will likely play the key role of Neal Saroyan in the series. Saroyan is described as Agent Simon Williams, who became a Hollywood celebrity in the Marvel Comics universe. also Demetrius Grossthe actor of Straight Outta Compton, Fear the Walking Dead series and Banshee series is another actor who has been added to the cast of Wonder Man series, and he is going to play the villain and negative role of this movie, which is called Eric Williams, nicknamed the Grim Reaper. Play this series.

Demetrius Gross in Fear the Walking Dead

Eric Williams is actually the brother of Simon Williams, who is going to be opposite his brother in the Wonder Man series. Yahya Abdulmatin II who won an Emmy Award for his role in the series Watchmen, is set to play the role of Simon Williams aka Wonder Man in the series Wonder Man. Furthermore, Ben Kingsley, the actor who played Trevor Slattery will return in the Wonder Man series. The Wonder Man series, however, is likely to go in front of the camera in 2023.

Andrew Guestthe writer and producer of the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the series Community as the leader of the writers team is present in the series Wonder Man and Dustin Daniel Kertonthe director of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will serve as an executive producer on the series, and he is also set to direct one or more episodes of Wonder Man. Stella Mageethe director of the movie The Photograph is another director of the series Wonder Man, who will direct several episodes of this series.

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