The possibility of Fram Software trying to become a publisher of its works

According to the latest published news, it seems that FromSoftware game studio is trying to publish its future works without the help of other publishing companies.

In the last two decades, Studio From Software has provided many brilliant works to the fans. Among the works released in 2022, Elden Ring, the latest creation of this game studio, is the only work that currently has higher scores than God Of War Ragnarok, which will be available to users in the very near future. It seems that these two games will have a close competition for the title of the best game of the year.

In the latest news of the game world, according to the report of Kadokawa Institute, Fram Software is apparently trying to take over the responsibility of publishing the works created by this company from now on. In the past, FrameSoftor has collaborated with various publishers to publish their works. Dear ones, you can see the related pictures below.

Image of Kadokawa's report from Fram Software

Image of Kadokawa's report from Fram SoftwareThe occurrence of this shows the great growth of FramSoftware Studio during the past years. Undoubtedly, the high sales of the Elden Ring game have helped the expansion of the studio a lot. Fram Software can earn more financial profit by publishing its works. On the other hand, the risk and responsibility of this studio will increase in making different works. Also, the mentioned studio will find more independence. More independence from Fram Software and earning more profit from the sale of works made in this studio will reduce the possibility of this company being bought by other companies.

What do you think dear? Which of the works of this studio have you experienced? Share your views on the latest gaming news with Zoomji.

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