The possibility of holding a new PlayStation showcase before the E3 event

Jeff Grubb, The well-known journalist of the game industry has discussed new things about Sony’s future plans.

In the latest gaming news, Jeff Grubb revealed on the latest episode of the Game Mess Decides podcast that Japan’s Sony is preparing a new PlayStation showcase ahead of E3 2023. According to Grub, Sony will be looking to launch and display a new series of PlayStation 5 console games at this event. In part of this famous journalist’s speech, we read:

“They’re saving the good stuff for the PlayStation Showcase that’s going to happen before E3 (to be held). this [شوکیس] It was supposed to be last fall but they kept pushing it back because their developers weren’t ready. But now those developers are ready, they should have a huge show that will launch the next phase of PlayStation 5.”

Playstation 5 image

According to the above discussion, it seems that Sony has prepared some exciting things to show in this showcase. This company has not officially reacted to this until the moment of writing the text of this news, and we have to wait until the official date of the new PlayStation Showcase is announced.

On the other hand, the company recently released the last episode of State of Play, where it witnessed the publication of new information about the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset, as well as other third-party productions such as Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. And we were the remake version of Resident Evil 4.

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