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The possibility of introducing the new Tango Studio game at the Xbox and Bethesda event tomorrow

Based on new rumors, it seems that Tango Gameworks studio is planning to unveil its new game during the Xbox and Bethesda event.

There is only a short time left until the Developer_Direct event of Xbox and Bethesda. This event will be held tomorrow at 23:30. This event will last more than 40 minutes. Along with providing new information about the expected works such as Redfall, Forza Motorsport and Minecraft Legends and announcing their release date, it seems that Microsoft’s new first party creation will also be introduced during this event. According to the latest news in the gaming world, there are many rumors about the introduction of a new work by Tango Gameworks, the creator of The Evil Within game series.

One of the characters of the game GhostWire: Tokyo

This claim is based on the words of a famous whistleblower named BillbilKun came up on Twitter. It seems that the next work of the developers of works like Ghostwire: Tokyo will be shown and officially announced at tomorrow’s event. According to this information, the new production of Studio Tango is going to be called Hi-Fi Rush. Apparently, Tango Gameworks’ next game has been rated T and 12 years old by ESRB and PEGI and will be available to users in two standard and deluxe versions.

The occurrence of this can indicate the short distance between the introduction and the official release of this work. At the moment, all of the mentioned items are just rumors and it is better to wait until the developer_direct event of Xbox and Bethesda, but before this, the game trademark Hi-Fi Rush was registered by Bethesda.

last year Shinji Mikami The creator of the Resident Evil game series and the head of Tango Gameworks confirmed that the studio has a new project under his leadership John Johannes The director of The Evil Within 2 is under construction and introduced it as a completely new work.

What do you think dear? Have you experienced the previous works of this studio? Share your views on the latest gaming news with Zumji and other users.

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