The possibility of releasing the Starfield game with an adult age rating

According to the leaked information, it seems that the Starfield game is going to be released with an adult age rating on Xbox and PC consoles.

According to the information obtained from the Twitter account of the Starfield game, the age rating of this game has been determined by the ESRB “Mature”. It seems that Bethesda has revealed the age rating of Starfield itself, and while this information is not yet listed on the company’s official website, it is in the banner image of Starfield’s Twitter account. And in the upper part and the left corner of the picture, you can clearly classify the age Viewed the ESRB for this game.

The content that caused Starfield to receive an adult rating reportedly includes “violence, blood, relevant themes, foul language, and the use of drugs.” Of course, the last one will not be so unexpected; Because in March, a report was published about the age limit of the Starfield game in Australia, which included “drug use” as one of the reasons.

Of course, the ESRB has not officially announced the age rating of Starfield, but games like Fallout 76 And Skyrim Also, for these reasons, they had received the adult age classification, and it is not surprising.

Determining the age rating of the Starfield game

Starfield game in history September 6 (15 September) To Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S And PC will be released. Also, this game will be available to Game Pass users from the day of release. Starfield fans can also look forward to a detailed presentation of the game at the Starfield Direct event, which is an exclusive event in history June 11 (June 21) and after the Xbox showcase It is planned.

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