The possibility of Sony buying Ballistic Moon studio

Newly formed British indie game company Ballistic Moon has apparently joined the team at PlayStation’s in-house studios.

According to recent rumors, we are apparently witnessing the acquisition of the newly founded independent game studio Ballistic Moon by Sony. The rumors started with PlayStation Studios’ new job posting for several new positions in the city of London.

In the text of this job advertisement, Sony has invited artists and developers based in London to work on AAA gaming projects in one of the partner teams of this series such as Naughty Dog, Gorilla Games, Firesprite, Insomniac Games, Media Malcolm, Housemarky, Soccerpunch Productions. , Sony Santa Monica and finally two studios, Ballistic Moon and London Studios, which are based in the United Kingdom. All of these partner companies mentioned by Sony are part of the PlayStation Studios team, and mentioning the name of Ballistic Moon Studio among these teams has made fans point to the acquisition of this studio by Sony.

It was previously announced that the fictional horror game Project Bates, which is considered the first project of this newly established studio, is being developed in collaboration with PlayStation and exclusively for PS5. Previous rumors have also mentioned the use of Decima Engine graphics engine for the construction of this project, however, the use of Unreal Engine 5 was also present in the previous job advertisements of this studio, and therefore, it is not possible to comment on this with certainty at this time.

Also in December David Harbor who is currently filming PlayStation Productions’ Gran Turismo, will star in an unannounced horror game with Judy Comer, another famous Hollywood actor had mentioned. As of today, not much else is available about this unannounced project, but Harbor has said that the game will be in the horror genre and will be released at an unspecified date in 2023.

Some gamers have since speculated that this new Ballistic Moon project, founded by former Until Dawn developers and Supremacy Games studio, could be Harbor’s first project in the gaming industry. One of the other notable points is the presence of brief references to the Stranger Things series on the studio’s Twitter page and website, which further strengthens the possibility that this studio is related to Harbor and Comer’s new project.

However, for the time being, it is necessary to clarify the technical details of the development of this studio’s horror game, the possible connection of Harbor with this project and the truth of the rumor of their purchase by Sony, until the release of new official information about the new games under development for PlayStation, which according to yesterday’s rumors are in It will be held in the coming months, let’s wait.

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