The possibility of Willem Dafoe working again with Robert Eggers in the remake of Nosferatu

Willem Dafoe, who previously worked with Robert Eggers on The Lighthouse and The Northman, is in talks to star in the Nosferatu remake.

Robert Eggersthe director of acclaimed works such as The Witch, The Lighthouse and The Northman has been planning to direct the remake of Nosferatu for a long time and now in the latest Cinema and TV newsAnother actor is going to be added to this horror movie. Willem Dafoe is in talks with Fox Features to appear in the remake of Nosferatu. Dafoe previously worked with Robert Eggers on The Lighthouse and The Northman, and Nosferatu could be their third project together.

Robert Eggers behind the scenes of The Northman

In addition to Willem Dafoe, Bill Skashgaard, Lily Rose Deep and Nicholas Hoult are other actors who are going to appear in the movie Nosferatu and play roles. The movie Nosferatu was made in 1922 based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. This film is produced in Germany and it is said that the remake of this horror film is supposed to be a new and different take on this film, but it will be based on the original story and content.

Previously, Werner Herzog directed another remake of Nosferatu, which was released in 1979. The remake of Nosferatu tells the mysterious story of an ancient Transylvanian vampire’s attachment to a possessed young woman in 19th-century Germany, who follows her everywhere and brings unspeakable terror with her. Robert Eggers is responsible for directing and writing the script of this horror film.

The Lighthouse movie

In addition to The Lighthouse movie and The Northman movie, during this time in works such as The Florida Project movie, Murder on the Orient Express movie, At Eternity’s Gate movie, Aquaman movie, Togo movie, Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie, The French Dispatch movie, Nightmare Alley and the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, and his future works include the movie Inside, the movie Asteroid City, the movie Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the movie Poor Things, and the movie And.

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