The pre-sale conditions of Iran Khodro with the delivery date of autumn 1402 have been announced + table

Iran Khodro’s pre-sale conditions were announced for the selected part of the integrated system. In this situation, the candidates of the second part of the priorities of the fall of 1402 will be able to buy and choose a car. Iran Khodro Company has informed this group of selected people by sending an SMS.

In Iran Khodro’s pre-sale circular, seven cars can be selected with an autumn delivery date. These cars include Peugeot 207 gear, Peugeot 207 automatic, Dana Plus gear, Dana Plus turbocharger gear, Dana Plus automatic turbocharger, Soren Plus with dual fuel and Soren Plus with display (multimedia).

Pre-sale conditions of Iran Khodro

Iran Khodro’s special pre-sale conditions for the fall of 1402 include part of the company’s 800,000 car buyers. In the first round of car supply in the integrated system, 900,000 people registered, of which 800,000 people applied for Iran Khodro products. In other words, Iran Khodro has sold all its annual production capacity to customers in the form of integrated sales conditions of the first round.

According to the pre-sale circular of Iran Khodro, the requested advance payment amount is less than 50% of the final price of the car. The date of delivery of the cars of this circular has been announced in November 1402. Based on this, customers’ accounts will be settled at the time of car delivery, based on the approved prices at the daily rate.

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