The presence of Flash, Batman and Supergirl in the new posters of The Flash movie

Warner Bros. has released three new posters of The Flash movie based on the characters of this movie, which focuses on the Flash, Batman, and Supergirl characters.

It was yesterday morning that Warner Brothers released the first trailer of The Flash movie, in this interesting and relatively long trailer we saw many images from the events of the movie to the presence of two different versions of Batman and now according to the latest Cinema and TV news, new posters of the movie Flash have been published. The focus of the new posters of The Flash movie is on the three main characters of the movie, in these posters you can see the Flash, Batman and Supergirl, who are supposed to work together to stop General Zad:

The Flash with Ezra Miller in the character poster of The Flash movie

Batman with Michael Keaton in The Flash character poster

Supergirl with Sasha Kal in The Flash movie character poster

The Flash movie is based on the story of Flashpoint, but based on the trailer of the movie, it seems that we are on the side of a different adaptation, in which Barry Allen is going to be caught in another reality, in which another Batman is played by Michael Keaton, who previously appeared in two Batman movies. Burton was present, is present, and instead of Superman, we see Supergirl, in which General Zad is trying to destroy the world, and of course Barry Allen of this world has no power either. However, many believe that General Zad will not be the only villain in The Flash.

Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Sasha Kal, Clemons seat, Maribel Verdo, Ron Livingston, Ian Lowe, Monica Jackson’s head And Rudy Mancusoare among the actors whose presence in The Flash movie has been confirmed and announced. Andy Mucciati who previously directed the film It and It: Chapter 2, directed the film Flash based on a script by Christina Hudsonauthor of Bumblebee has been in charge

The Flash movie will be released on June 16, 2023 (June 26, 1402).

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