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The price of different versions of Redfall in Europe has been revealed

It seems that the prices of the standard and deluxe editions of Redfall in Europe have been revealed.

With news of Microsoft downsizing, some of which include staff at Xbox Game Studios, many eyes are on tomorrow’s Developer_Direct event to see what Microsoft has in store for its upcoming exclusive games. One of the games of this event is Arkin Studio’s Redfall game, which according to some reports is scheduled to be released on May 2, 2023 (May 12, 1402). Now, a whistleblower, who has accurately revealed the PlayStation Plus monthly free games several times, has revealed the price of Redfall in Europe.

According to the leaked information, the 9th generation Xbox version of Redfall will be sold at a price of 79.99 euros, and players will have to pay an additional 29.99 euros to buy the deluxe version. The price of the deluxe edition is probably set due to the inclusion of additional content; However, Arkin has not yet published information about the Redfall game DLC. Not long ago, Zez Corden of Windows Central reported that buyers of the premium version of the game will be able to experience a period of the early access version of the game, which will probably be another benefit of buying the deluxe version.

The characters of the game Redfall on the street

However, the leak reflects the price hikes for Xbox exclusives that Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head of gaming, hinted at last year. While this price increase makes players rely more on the Game Pass service to experience exclusive Microsoft games, it is likely that the price of this subscription service will also increase. Redfall game exclusively for PC, Xbox Series X platforms Xbox Series S will be released.

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