The production of Marvel’s Blade film has been suspended due to the writers’ strike

Pre-production on Blade has been halted indefinitely due to the nationwide writers’ strike, but other Marvel movies are still in production as planned.

It’s been a while since writers have started a nationwide strike over low pay and job security, which is affecting Hollywood film and television projects. Now in the latest Cinema and TV newsOne of the most anticipated films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been affected by this incident. It is said that the pre-production stages of the film Blade have been stopped due to the writers’ strike and all the employees have been laid off.

Filming and production on Blade was supposed to begin next month in Atlanta, but Marvel Studios has been forced to halt pre-production until the status of the writers’ strike is determined. This movie is actually the first movie that was affected by this issue. Marvel Studios recently hired True Detective creator Nick Pizzolatto to rewrite part of the Blade script, and he has been working on the Blade script for a few weeks now.

The members of the Thunderbolts group in the concept art of the film Thunderbolts

But an insider says time is running out too quickly, and the studio will resume pre-production on Blade after the writers’ strike ends. The strike began on Thursday, affecting Saturday Night Live. Also, the production of the Billions series has been stopped after the above strikes. While most studios have one or two movies in production, Marvel apparently had plans to shoot three movies at the same time in addition to the two series.

Even with Blade production on hold, Marvel still has one of its busiest schedules. Filming and production of Captain America: New World Order is currently underway in Atlanta, and Agatha: Coven of Chaos is also being filmed in Atlanta. The Wonder Man series is set to begin filming in Los Angeles, and Deadpool 3 is expected to start filming in London in late May.

Thunderbolts is also set to begin shooting in June in Atlanta, and the film is still in production as planned. Fantastic Four has Marvel’s biggest audition since Tom Holland was cast as Spider-Man in the past 8 years, and is still scheduled to begin filming in London in January 2024. to be

Blade fan art starring Mahershala Ali

If the strikes continue for 6 months or even more, it is possible that the Fantastic Four film will be affected and this will change; Although sources say this is unlikely to happen. In any case, if the strike lasts only a month to 6 weeks, the release dates of movies like Blade will probably be changed and Hollywood studios will face bigger problems.

Most blockbuster movie scripts evolve during production, but Marvel has a reputation for making changes to their movie scripts during the filming process as well. In any case, the studios are strangers to the current conditions; Especially since they used to have writers on the set to rewrite their movies or series several times.

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