The production of The Devil in the White City by Hulu has been stopped

The Hulu network decided to stop production The series The Devil in the White City has been picked up, but it is possible that this series will be produced and broadcast on another network.

After Keanu Reeves left acting and Todd Field left directing The Devil in the White City, now In the latest Cinema and TV newsThe production of this series has been stopped. Hulu decided to stop production of the series The Devil in the White City produced by Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. Earlier Keanu Reevesthe actor of the series of films such as John Wick and The Matrix was supposed to play in this series, but he left this series some time ago.

After that, Todd Field, who was supposed to be in charge of directing The Devil in the White City series, decided to leave the series. The status of the series is unclear at this time, but Variety reports that production on the series has not been completely canceled and that the show’s creators are currently looking to find another home and network for The Devil in the White City. The Hollywood Reporter also reported that Alan White, the actor of The Bear series, and Jude Law, the actor of The Young Pope series and The New Pope series, were in talks to appear in this series.

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In addition, Matt Ross, director of Captain Fantastic and Gaslit series, is likely to direct the new version of The Devil in the White City, but for now, ABC Signature will have to find another network to continue the series in order to join the team. New production to continue cooperation. The Devil in the White City series is actually an adaptation of the novel The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and the Madness at the Fair that Changed America by Eric Larson It was published in 2003.

Previously, Martin Scorsese was going to direct the movie adaptation and Leonardo DiCaprio was going to play the role of Dr. H. H. to play Holmes in this film, but finally in 2019 this film became a television series for the Hulu network. The novel The Devil in the White City is the story of a serial killer named Dr. H. H. Holmes at a World’s Fair in Chicago in 1893 and an architect named Daniel H. Follows the program.

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Fear and terror of an invisible killer has gripped the city, which takes the lives of innocent people. Dr. H. H. Holmes buys a luxury hotel in Chicago, which he turns into a place to slaughter and torture his victims. He has a secret passage to each of his hotel rooms to reach his victims during the night. He eventually commits 27 murders.

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