The purchase of Bethesda by Xbox has not affected the development of Hi-Fi Rush

According to the director of Hi-Fi Rush, the acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft did not have a negative impact on the development of this title.

It has been a while since the game Hi-Fi Rush, the latest work of Tango Gameworks studio, has been available to the audience. This action, colorful and rhythmic game was introduced at the recent event of Bethesda and Xbox and was released at the same time and was able to arouse the praise of critics. Now it seems that the director of this game is satisfied with Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda and the company’s management style.

Recently, John Johannes, the director of Hi-Fi Rush, explained in an interview with Ungeek media, in response to a question about the impact of the purchase of Zenimax (the parent company of Bethesda and Tango Gameworks) on the development process of Hi-Fi Rush, that this purchase had a small impact on the studio’s plans. Is. Meanwhile, Johannes believes that this acquisition allowed the developers of Hi-Fi Rush to focus on the game’s target platforms.

Hi-Fi Rush game wallpaper

The director added: “This purchase really had no effect on the development of the game. When we were making the game and the target platforms weren’t decided yet, we were just making it as a PC game and we didn’t know which other platforms it was going to be released on. We also had no idea at that point what future consoles would look like. Then this purchase happened and made it a little easier for us; Because we were able to focus on the platforms where the game is going to be released to help us improve the quality of its experience.”

Johannes went on to explain that during development, most of the meetings took place between Tango Gameworks, Bethesda, and Zenimax, and that Microsoft wanted to maintain the structure and frameworks planned within the companies. Hi-Fi Rush director added:

“I think Xbox decided to let Bethesda handle game development as it did before the acquisition; So we were always in contact with Bethesda and Zenimax about the development of the game, and that’s where all the conversations took place from start to finish. In this sense, the experience of working with Xbox was positive; Because fortunately there was no interference. They wanted us to keep making what we thought was interesting.”

Hi-Fi Rush is now available on PC, Xbox Series X platforms Xbox Series S is available.

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