The reasons behind the cancellation of Battlefield Mobile from the founder of the developer studio

The founder of the Battlefield Mobile studio revealed the reasons for the cancellation of this mobile game.

The game Call of Duty: Mobile has been a success for Activision in every way; Especially in terms of income generation. Recently, several big publishers have tried to establish a foothold in the mobile gaming industry to take advantage of it. Electronic Arts company also tried to follow the path of its competitor with the game Battlefield Mobile. But the game was finally canceled.

Although there were probably several reasons for canceling the project, but Alex SeropianThe founder of Industry Toys as the developer of this mobile game says the failure of Battlefield 2042 was one of the main reasons for the cancellation of this game. In an interview, he said that the widespread negative reactions to Battlefield 2042 made many people think about the future of Battlefield, and this contributed to the cancellation of the mobile game.

He also added that Apple’s changes in IDFA (an anonymous specific identifier for advertisers) rules also made user acquisition much more expensive. It should not be forgotten that along with the cancellation of the Battlefield Mobile game, the Apex Legends Mobile game was another project that was abandoned.

Battlefield 2042 game poster

“At the beginning, all the winds were blowing in Battlefield Mobile’s favor (the right conditions were going): the shooter genre was growing, it was a great collection, and we had an amazing team,” Serupian said. All this was very good. But last year, some incidents happened. Battlefield 2042 was released and the community response to 2042 was not good. This got us thinking. Also, Apple changed IDFA rules and the short and long version of Apple’s action is to make user acquisition much more expensive. As a result, the right field was lost with the 2042 launch and due to the IDFA rules, the costs increased drastically.

He also said about Apex: “And then Apex came and I don’t know if Electronic Arts spoke about the reasons for canceling it or not; Whether it is economic discussion or anything else. But without me telling you, you can guess what happened.”

Although Battlefield has faced a few setbacks over the years, EA seems to have ambitious plans to expand and improve the series. A new game from this series is in development and Dice Studio is responsible for working on its multiplayer part. Ridgeline Games is responsible for creating the single player and story campaign. The game may be released in 2024. At the same time, Ripple Effect Studio is also working on providing another Battlefield experience.

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