The reduction of anti-inflammatory fats in the brain can be the cause of neurological diseases in old age

Researchers have discovered that there is a special type of fat molecule in the brain that probably prevents inflammatory effects and plays an important role in preventing age-related neurological diseases. By studying animals, they have found that as age increases, these molecules decrease.

The studies of scientists decades ago showed that a group of fats called SGDG They are the factor of growth and development in the brain of mice. But no further research was done in this regard. Now, a group of researchers led by “Dan Tan” from the American Salk Institute, in a new study, went to investigate the changes in fat in the brains of mice during aging and found that the level of SGDG in the brains of mice increased over time. Decrease will find.

This research also showed that SGDG levels decrease due to aging in a specific way in the central nervous system of the animal. The scientists then went to a more detailed examination of SGDG and found in laboratory tests that this group of fats Anti-inflammatory properties have, as a result, their decrease with age can affect the occurrence of neurological diseases.

Are neurological diseases affected by SGDG fats?

the brain

At the end of their research, the researchers checked to see if these fats are also present in the human brain. Scientists last failed to find them in the human brain in 1978. But analytical techniques have improved a lot over the years and researchers are now able to use new technologies. for the first time confirm the existence of SGDG lipids in the brain of humans and primates.

“Ellen Sagatlian”, one of the authors of this article whose results were published in the journal Nature Chemical Biology, says that this research is good evidence that shows that we need more research in the field of fats and we need to know what effect SGDG really has on the human body. “SGDG fats clearly play an important role in,” he continues aging process and this new finding shows that there may be other important factors in the aging process that we have been unaware of.”

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