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The release date of The Day Before game has been postponed again until the fall of next year

Fntastic studio has once again delayed the release of The Day Before game, this time due to a dispute over the trademark series of this game.

The developers of the Fntastic studio were supposed to share a detailed video of the gameplay of The Day Before with their audience soon, but now the company’s lawyers have to agree on the trademark registration of the game. Recently, the release of The Day Before game has been delayed until November 2023 (Aban or Azar 1402) due to problems with the game’s trademark rights. In the explanations provided by this team, it is said:

“Just ahead of release, The Day Before’s Steam page blocked because of a request from a private party. As you know our game was introduced in January 2021 and at the time of its unveiling the trademark The Day Before was available. But after the introduction of the game, the aforementioned person filed a request to register the trademark of the game The Day Before Registered in the United States.»

The main character of the apocalyptic game The Day Before

The developers of this game announced that they were not aware of such a thing and only recently found out about it. Despite the delay in the release of Fntastic, the creators of The Day Before assured their audience that they are 100% focused on the game and providing a great experience to gamers.

The Day Before was due out in June for PC, Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S and PlayStation will be released. But later, this date was postponed to March so that the game development team would have a chance to switch to Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine. The game was recently showcased at Nvidia’s Special Address at CES 2023.

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