The release of the feature requested by fans in the five-year update of Far Cry 5

Ubisoft announced that it will celebrate the fifth anniversary of Far Cry 5 with an update for this video game.

Ubisoft plans to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the release of Far Cry 5 by releasing an update for this work. While the details of the update are not known, the company has mentioned that it includes a highly requested feature for the 9th generation consoles. This news was announced on Farkrai’s Twitter account. Although the details of Ubisoft’s claim are unclear, the tweet in question could be referring to the complete upgrade of Far Cry 5 to use the features of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Xbox S series.

Far Cry 5 was first released in March 2018. The game puts players in the role of a sheriff who is sent to Hope County, Montana to arrest Joseph Seed, the leader of a cult. After the initial attempt to capture him fails, the player must go after the other members of the cult; to fight with them and pave his way to reach Joseph.

The poster of the fifth anniversary of the release of the Far Cry 5 game

The official Far Cry account tweeted: “Let’s celebrate Far Cry 5’s 5th anniversary. During the next three weeks, celebrate this anniversary with us. Stay tuned for more information, including a highly requested feature for next-gen consoles.”

Far Cry 5 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. After that, a direct sequel to the game called Far Cry: New Dawn was released. Finally, we saw the sixth version of the Far Cry collection.

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