The result of a survey; IT experts consider ChatGPT threat seriously

A new survey conducted by BlackBerry shows that most IT experts believe that we are less than a year away from the first cyberattack by ChatGPT, and that despite all the useful things it does, this AI chatbot can be a threat to system security. be threatening

According to HelpNetSecurity, through 1500 IT professionals In North America, Great Britain and Australia that participated in this survey, 51 percent They predict that the attack with ChatGPT will happen in less than a year. 71 percent They also believe that foreign countries have probably already started using this technology to carry out hostile operations against other countries.

74 percent Of these, 1,500 experts believe that ChatGPT has the potential to pose a cyber threat to digital systems and are concerned. Among the dangerous abilities that this chatbot can have, 53 percent Some of the participants are concerned about the production of phishing emails. 49 percent They believe that ChatGPT can increase the technical knowledge and skills of hackers and even help spread false information on the Internet.

The pros and cons of ChatGPT should be seen side by side

“ChatGPT will continue to grow in cyber impact over time,” said Shishir Singh, BlackBerry’s chief technology officer. “We’ve seen a lot of hustle and bustle in this regard so far, but the pulse of the industry remains relatively pragmatic, and there’s an obvious reason for that.”

Technologies like ChatGPT, says Singh Useful potentials They have a lot and we have just gotten to know a small part of these potentials. However, the risks cannot be ignored: “As the platform matures and hackers become more experienced in using it, it will become harder and harder to stand up to AI without using AI.”

Blackberry research shows that approx 82 percent IT experts plan to invest in cyber security with artificial intelligence in the next two years. On the other hand, approx 95 percent Some of the participants believe that the government should legalize advanced technologies.

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