The revolution in Microsoft’s search engine; Bing was introduced with artificial intelligence

Tonight, Microsoft unveiled a new version of the Bing search engine with artificial intelligence, the creator of ChatGPT, at its special event focusing on the implementation of artificial intelligence in various products of the company. The company says the new Bing can directly answer your questions and help you be more creative.

The Redmond giant of the technology world announced tonight that it is going to revolutionize search engines after a long time. The company says that until now humans have adapted to search engines, but now search engines must respond to the needs of users.

The new version of Bing has four new technical achievements. This search engine uses the next generation of OpenAI’s large language models, which are custom optimized for search and are even more powerful than ChatGPT. Bing is now working with OpenAI in a new way, called the Prometheus model, which increases content proximity, keeps data up-to-date, and provides explanations for answers.

Microsoft says that it has improved the core of search indexes through the implementation of this artificial intelligence model in the search algorithm, and this improvement is the biggest leap in terms of content proximity in the history of this search engine. In addition, Bing now has a new user interface.

In this new user interface, a person can enter up to 1000 characters in the search bar to easily chat with artificial intelligence. However, traditional search results will not disappear and will still be available to users on the left side of the page. In fact, this user interface seems to have placed a more advanced version of ChatGPT on the right side of the Bing search engine.

On the other hand, users who don’t want to see old search results links can go to a new page dedicated to AI chat. It can be seen that on this page, under the answers, the reference websites of the provided information can also be seen.


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