The revolution of cheap electric cars with the joint production line of Honda and General Motors

The production of low-cost electric vehicles has become a new field of competition in the automotive industry. Major car manufacturers are uniting with each other to realize this goal and obtain a significant share of electric vehicles. One of the biggest current alliances in the field of producing electric cars such as the Honda Prologue is related to the cooperation between General Motors and Honda. This type of cooperation among the giants of the automotive industry can reduce the total price to an unbelievable extent and create a huge revolution in the world’s automotive industry.

The result of the collaboration between Honda and General Motors will be manifested in a product named Honda Prologue 2024. This car will be based on a common structure with GM cars such as Cadillac Lyric 2023 and Chevrolet Blazer 2024. The next project of these two companies will be the production of an economical electric car with a price of less than 30 thousand dollars in 2027.

Honda Prologue

Shinji Aoyama, Honda’s chief executive officer, called the alliance with General Motors one big weapon has described for this company. In another part of his speech, he said: “We believe that comprehensive cooperation is not only beneficial for sharing the vehicle platform, but also Buying supplies from both sides It can also be Honda Prolog and other affordable electric cars of these two brands will be formed based on mutual cooperation between the companies.

Honda Prologue and more models!

According to Honda’s executive director, both General Motors and Honda have the necessary technology to build an economical electric car. However, the two American and Japanese car giants have decided to share their technologies with each other. They have promised each other to reveal their trade secrets to each other, which will result in the production of more modern cars based on the most optimized technologies.

Honda Prologue

Based on this cooperation, it is expected that the interior and exterior parts of the cars will be designed by Honda and the technical parts will be completed by General Motors. Of course, this cooperation is not only limited to the production of cheap electric cars, but also includes organizational areas. Honda and General Motors will also exchange information on human resources, raw materials and production methods. Both Japanese and American giants are determined to become zero-carbon car manufacturers. Honda has set 2040 as its vision, while GM’s vision is 2050.

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