The sale of Horizon Forbidden West reached more than 4.8 million copies

Gorilla Games has just announced the latest sales figures for Horizon Forbidden West.

Game studio Guerrilla has had a busy time in recent months. This company developed and released the Burning Shores expansion pack for the game Horizon Forbidden West and made the game Horizon Call of the Mountain for the PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset put fans of the series even further into its created world.

Undoubtedly, this has increased the sales figures of this collection. Now, in the latest news of the game world, Gorilla Games has recently provided the fans with the new sales statistics of this game series.

Horizon Forbidden West game

A few hours ago, Guerrilla announced on the PlayStation Blog website that the sale of Horizon Forbidden West reached more than 4.8 million copies. In addition, it should be said that the total sales of this game collection is equivalent to 32.7 million copies of the game and has brought significant success to its creators.

Also, the developers of this work announced that this series has been seen by millions of people through the services of Sony. However, it should be said that the studio in question has not provided specific statistics about the two games Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Call of the Mountain. In the past few days, Gorilla has confirmed that it has started development on the sequel to Horizon Forbidden West, and alongside this, Gorilla Games is working on a standalone multiplayer co-op sequel to the series.

There are also many rumors about making a remastered version of Horizon Zero Dawn for PlayStation 5 console. Finally, it should be said that the Horizon series is also going through its production process by Netflix.

What do you think dear? Which version of this series have you experienced? Share your views on the latest gaming news with Zoomji and other users.

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