The second season of Andor airs next summer until the news of the upcoming series of Star Wars

During the Star Wars program, Lucasfilm announced new information about its series, such as the second season of the Andor series. The Acolyte series and Skeleton Crew series have been published.

According to the latest news of cinema and television and on the sidelines of the Star Wars ceremony, new information about the future series of Star Wars has been published. Tony Gilroy, the creator of the Andor series, confirmed during the Star Wars program that the filming process of the second season of the Andor series began last November and so far half of it is done. He confirmed that the filming of this acclaimed series from the world of Star Wars will continue until August this year, and the post-production process will take about a year.

In this way, fans should not wait for the start of the second season of the Andor series until August 2024 (August or September 1403) from Disney Plus, and in the following, images from behind the scenes of the first season to the first teaser of the second season of the Andor series were broadcast, according to the people present. The second season of the series is still made with the same mood as the first season and we are going to witness a darker and more violent story. The events of the second season of Andor series take place about a year after the events of the first season, and all three episodes will see a one-year time jump.

The new logo of The Acolyte series

Next, it was the turn of The Acolyte series, which will start airing in 2024 on the Disney Plus network. The events of this series take place during the Republic era Leslie HeadlandThe creator of the series said that The Acolyte series is like a cross between Frozen animation and Kill Bill movies, and then a teaser of the series was aired in an exclusive way, in which several scenes with lightsaber were shown.

In addition, in The Acolyte series, we see the presence of a Wookiee Jedi Master, who is played by Jonas Sutamu, who played the role of Chewbacca in the recent Star Wars films. Then came the turn of the Skeleton Crew series, in which the cast list was determined. In addition to Jude Law, who apparently plays the role of a former Jedi, we see the presence of Ryan Kira Armstrong, Ravi Cobbett Conyers, Kyrianna Crater and Robert Timothy Smith, along with Kerry Kenden, the actor of The Banshees of Inisherin in this series from the world of Star Wars.

The series Skeleton Crew follows the story of 4 children who are on the run in the galaxy and are chased by an alien group and in the teaser shown they will encounter a Jedi played by Jude Law, which according to people who watched the teaser, the series is like It’s Star Wars meets Amblin. Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, says that although Skeleton Crew focuses on a team of children, the series is not primarily for children and minors.

Jude Law and the kids in Skeleton Crew

In fact, the new Star Wars series is a tribute to the works of the 80s, and Jon Favreau confirmed that the idea of ​​creating the Skeleton Crew series was before the Mandelorian series and the formation of Disney Plus as a movie, which later became a series. John Watts, who also plays the role of the creator of the series, along with Daniel Cowan and Daniel Scheinert aka Daniels, David Lavery, Jake SchreierBryce Dallas Howard, Lee Isaac Chang They have directed various episodes of the Skeleton Crew series.

Skeleton Crew is currently in post-production and will air on Disney Plus in late 2023. Next, it was the turn of The Mandalorian series and Jon Favreau confirmed that he will direct the final two episodes of the third season of The Mandalorian series. Rick Famuya and in the continuation of the seventh episode of the series, in which important events are said to take place, it will be played for the people present, so you should be careful of its possible spoilers.

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