The space shuttle Endor was launched on its last flight

May 16, 2011 Endor space shuttle It was launched into space on its 25th and last flight. This was the last mission of the shuttle program.

Endor space shuttle

The construction of this shuttle began after the disaster of the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger in 1986, to replace it, and it lasted for about five years.

Endor, which is considered among the three remaining NASA shuttles, is the most modern NASA shuttle in terms of equipment. More powerful computers as well as its propulsion system were unique in their kind.

The robotic arm, which is equipped with an advanced camera and laser, allowed the shuttle to find and inspect any damage to the wings and nose. After extensive renovations, the spacecraft is now equipped with instruments that can connect to the ISS’s power grid.

STS-134 crew from left to right: Commander Mark Kelly, Mission Specialists Gregory Chamitov, Andrew Feustel, Roberto Vettori and Michael Fink, Pilot Gregory Johnson.

During its 20 years of service, Endor has completed 25 missions and carried a total of 148 astronauts into space. The shuttle carried out its last mission in 2011, after which it was retired like the other shuttles.


Five NASA astronauts and one Italian astronaut formed the crew of STS-134. They were launched from the Kennedy Space Center and spent nearly 16 days in orbit.

The first two days were spent reaching the International Space Station. When the astronauts arrived there, they began conducting scientific experiments. They also performed four spacewalks to install new equipment outside the space station and perform some other routine maintenance.

Andrew Feustel’s spacewalk.

Endor’s initial payload was the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer; A particle physics experiment that studies cosmic rays and looks for antimatter and dark matter.

The overall goals of this mission included delivery of a special instrument to detect antimatter in cosmic rays, as well as completing the assembly of the components of the International Space Station.

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