The special edition of Galaxy S23 was introduced for the US military + stunning specifications

With the success of the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition, which according to Samsung was used by thousands of US Department of Defense personnel, now the Koreans have unveiled the same version for the Galaxy S23 and XCover 6 Pro to be used by the US military.

The Tactical Edition of Galaxy S23 and XCover 6 Pro are equipped with special apps such as Android Team Awareness Kit and Battlefield Assisted Trauma Distributed Observation Kit.

New Samsung phones meet all US military security requirements and data is protected by Samsung Knox and Knox Dual Date at Rest. These features meet NSA requirements to protect confidential data.

The Samsung DeX feature is one of the key features of the Tactical Edition of the Galaxy S23 and XCover 6 Pro, which allows people to access various features in the car without the need for a laptop.

Special case for Tactical Edition Galaxy S23 and XCover 6 Pro

Like its commercial version, the Galaxy S23 for the US military uses the IP68 standard to resist the penetration of water and dust, and also has Gorilla Glass Victus Plus on their screen. However, in the Tactical Edition, a military-grade frame is used, which protects them from falling, and it is possible to attach it to clothing.

In addition to the IP68 standard, the Tactical Edition version of the XCover 6 Pro also supports the MIL-STD-810H military standard, which allows it to maintain its functionality at different temperatures and survive a fall from a height of 1.5 meters.

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