The start of a massive layoff at Twitter; The content control section is not disturbed

According to reports, apparently Elon Musk Half of the 7,500 employees He fired Twitter and according to the manager of the content safety and integrity department, the staff reduction in their department was 15%, but this incident will not affect the way posts are managed, especially on the eve of the mid-term elections of the American Parliament.

According to the report of the Verge news agency, which claimed to lay off 50% of the Twitter staff, the units that have received the most impact from this reduction in staff are the trust and safety, policy, communication, tweet management, ethics, artificial intelligence, data science, research, and learning units. machine, social good, accessibility and even engineering teams.

In addition, several other managers includingArnaud Weber“, Vice President of Consumer Products Engineering and “Tony Haley“, the chief manager of Twitter products has also been fired from this company. Due to Elon Musk’s decision to reduce the costs of this social network in areas such as cloud hosting, the remaining employees expect that the platform will be in the near future. Maintaining critical infrastructure He has a difficult situation ahead of him.

15% staff reduction in Twitter’s content safety team

Twitter building

In the meantime, experts are more concerned about controlling false content in this social network and have complained about the reduction of staff in Twitter’s trust and safety team. However, Yul Rath, director of the relevant department at the company, says their team Almost 15 percent lost some of their forces and the main forces overseeing the contents received the least damage.

Roth says the daily rate of content management has remained stable. However, Musk claimed that the level of hateful content during the past week has fallen even below the level of the previous criteria. However, in a situation where the US is approaching mid-term parliamentary elections, Roth emphasized that their first priority is content control.

Some laid-off employees have sued Twitter, alleging violations of the Workforce Layoff and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act. The law requires companies to notify employees at least 60 days before large-scale layoffs. Elon Musk has planned extensive changes for Twitter, some of which have already been implemented, such as updating the Twitter Blue service.

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