The start time of the first season of Diablo 4 and the details of the post-game battle have been revealed

Recently, Blizzard has talked about the seasons, battle pass and other things of Diablo 4 game.

In Blizzard’s latest livestream, the Diablo 4 game development team has provided details about the game’s Seasons and Battle Pass. The season was announced 1 game will be released in mid to late July (July 24 to August 9) and will include new gameplay features, some new quests with new and familiar faces, and gameplay improvements.

Seasons introduce new concepts and ideas to the world of Sanctuary. At the same time, there will be cheerful moments; Something worth waiting for and can be enjoyed with friends and other members of the Diablo community. Because this is the next chapter, players must first complete the game’s campaign to participate in it.

In each season, players must complete objectives for each chapter that will reward them with materials needed for crafting, Favor and Legendary Aspects. Favor is a season pass level up and can be obtained from quests, events and killing enemies.

Each season’s Battle Pass includes 90 bonus levels, 27 of which are free, and includes some decorative items and Smoldering Ashes to spend on Season Blessings. These include rewards to Gold, Obol, and XP earned, and it is possible to have more than one active Blessing.

A costume example in the game Diablo 4

But these items are only available during the season and you need to have the required level to get Smoldering Ashes. So, by purchasing Tier Skip, you will not get an advantage in terms of gameplay. There are also 63 premium levels and to reach them you need to purchase Battle Pass Premium.

Battle Pass Premium costs 1000 platinum or $9.99 and Battle Pass Accelerated includes the same items but with 20 Tier Skip and Wings of the Creator Emote, which can be purchased for 2800 platinum or $24.99. Platinum is available in some premium levels, but can also be purchased with real money. Another use of platinum is buying decorative items in the store.

All decorations in the game are superficial and do not give any additional power to the players. The original game has hundreds of transmogs, weapons, and armor components, including several armor sets, available to all players at launch. Although some decorations are specific to a specific class, there are some decorations in Battle Pass that can be used for all.

The main character of Diablo 4

Shop decorations change regularly, and there is cross-buyability for platinum and cross-platform items. In the store, it is possible to preview the items, and based on the game method and your appearance preference, some clothes will be offered to you.

Diablo 4 game of the day 16 June (June 6) for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S and PC will be available. The Early Access version of the game has started on 12 Khordad (June 2) and a public beta called Server Slam will be run from 22 to 24 Ardibehesht (12 to 14 May).

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