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The story of the next version of the Metro game is affected by the war in Ukraine

According to 4A Games, the story of the next version of Metro is affected by the war in Ukraine.

4A Games recently released an update on their upcoming projects, assuring fans that they are in development. However, since last year and the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine, this studio has hardly continued its activities and is now in a difficult situation.

According to 4A Games, the war in Ukraine will affect the story of the Metro version, which is confirmed to start in 2020. But it seems that this effect was not so negative. 4A Games explained: “We have never hidden the fact that the Metro series has always contained strong political and anti-war messages. Yes, we always wanted to entertain you and immerse you in our post-apocalyptic world, but there was also an important story to tell. The war in Ukraine has forced us to rethink what the next edition of Metro should be about. All of Metro’s fictional themes of conflict, power, politics, tyranny, and oppression are now part of our daily life experiences. So we embrace them and bring them into the game with a new purpose.”

Artyom in the game Metro Last Light

The top priority for 4A Games right now seems to be the completion of Metro, but given the state of the Kyiv-based game development team, it plans to manage fan expectations. Currently, no new details about the company’s projects have been announced. 4A Games went on to add, “When ready [انتشار جزئیات جدید] We want the projects to be ready; So we continue to direct all our passion, best efforts and skills towards them. Just like you, we really look forward to the day when we can share more information about the projects. Our goals for future projects that we posted in the last update remain the same.”

The next game in the Metro series for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X platforms The Xbox Series S is in development. 4A Games has developed this new game after a major upgrade of the 4A engine to take advantage of the power, storage memory and ray tracing technology of the hardware offered in the 9th generation consoles. Like the previous versions of the Metro series, the new game will be a story and single-player experience. In addition, 4A Games is working on a multiplayer experience in the world of the Metro series, which has its own development team whose members work separately from the creators of the next version of the series.

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