The United States proposed a 30% tax on the electricity of cryptocurrency mining centers

In the 2024 fiscal year budget plan, the US government has proposed a 30% tax on the electricity consumed by cryptocurrency miners. The White House says these people should pay for the damage they cause to people and the environment. Of course, if this tax is approved, it will be implemented step by step.

The US government officially unveiled the Digital Asset Mining Energy (DAME) tax plan in an article on the White House website. The plan says that digital currency miners should be held accountable for their negative impact Environment and energy price Pay more.

Of course, if this plan becomes a law, the government will start collecting taxes gradually. Accordingly, the use of electricity for extraction in the first year 10 percent tax, in the second year 20 Tax and from the third year onwards 30 percent It will be taxed.

Bitcoin mining farm

The White House claims that pollution caused by the use of electricity to mine cryptocurrencies unfairly pressures low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. In addition, these activities can increase electricity prices in some areas and disrupt the grid.

What do the opponents of the cryptocurrency mining tax plan say?

Opponents of this plan claim that the government seeks to harm the digital currency industry with this proposal. Forbes magazine says that a better solution could be taxing Greenhouse gas pollution be in extraction centers. With this mechanism, these centers will not only seek to reduce consumption from the electricity grid, but also look for cleaner sources of energy.

However, it is unlikely that guiding the US government to move in this direction will be an easy task. The White House says on its website that the environmental effects of cryptocurrency mining exist even when miners use clean energy.

Apparently, the use of hydroelectric energy in the mining of currencies such as Bitcoin reduces the use of clean energy by other users. As a result, this increases the prices and even increases the consumption of electricity by non-clean energy sources.

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