The US Department of Justice seized $3.36 billion worth of Bitcoin

A hacker about 10 years ago by hacking the website Silk Road (Silk Road), stole more than 50 thousand bitcoins. Now the US Department of Justice has seized more than $3.36 billion in bitcoins This hacker informs.

This figure was the largest amount of crypto seized by the US Department of Justice in its time. Now due to the decrease in the value of Bitcoin, it has fallen to the second place.


Seizure of 3.36 billion dollars of Bitcoin by the US Department of Justice

The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York says James Zhong of Gainesville admitted on Nov. 4 of this year that in September 2012, a figure of approximately 50 thousand bitsTheQueen Stolen from the relevant website. Committing such a crime will lead to a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Law enforcement seized 50,676.17851897 bitcoins, worth more than $3.36 billion at the time, from Zhong’s home. American authorities have announced that the hacker hid the bitcoins in a safe in the basement of his house and under a pile of blankets.

Law enforcement also seized $661,900 in cash, 25 Casascius bitcoins (worth about 174 bitcoins), 11.116 bitsTheQueen They also found a handful of silver and gold bars in his residence.

Damian Williams, the United States Attorney, announced that he had not told anyone about the whereabouts of the bitcoins in about 10 years.

The Silk Road website was launched in 2011 and became famous for its money laundering activities and the trading of illegal drugs for Bitcoin. About two years after the website was launched, Govt America It shut down Silk Road and in 2015 its founder was sentenced to life imprisonment as a criminal.

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