The World Health Organization expressed hope for the end of the Corona epidemic in the future

In a recent statement, the World Health Organization extended the state of emergency of the coronavirus pandemic at the international level, but also acknowledged that the three-year-old crisis may be approaching its tipping point, and after passing this point, it will become a persistent, but less dangerous pathogen. become

The World Health Organization held its 14th emergency committee meeting on Friday this week to evaluate the situation of the global corona epidemic. This meeting coincided with the third anniversary of the declaration of a global emergency for this epidemic. “Tedros Adhanom”, the secretary general of this organization, said in this meeting: “As we enter the fourth year of the epidemic, it is definitely compared to last year when the micron wave was at its peak and every week more than 70 thousand deaths It was reported to WHO, we are in a much better position.”

Since then, the situation has improved significantly. In October, the weekly death statistics in the world to Less than 10 thousand Receipt. But with the start of a new epidemic wave in China, we have seen the death toll of 40,000 people in last week’s report, half of which belonged to China.

With the end of the epidemic, Corona will not disappear, but it will become less dangerous

The World Health Organization’s Emergency Committee says that Covid-19 remains a dangerous infectious disease and has the potential to cause significant damage to health and health systems. In addition to the high mortality rate, this organization expressed concern about the low vaccination rate in low- and middle-income countries, the reduction of monitoring of corona strains, the continued publication of misleading information, especially about vaccines, and the dangers of prolonged corona.

However, it was announced that the epidemic is approaching its tipping point, and crossing this point could transform the corona virus from an acute crisis to a Threat under control and low risk convert However, overall vaccination rates still need to increase in many countries.

“There is no doubt that this virus will remain a persistent pathogen in humans and animals for the foreseeable future,” says the World Health Organization. But with the increasing level of safety in many parts of the world, the focus of health organizations should be done Long-term measures change These measures will include continuing to improve vaccination rates and monitoring the strains of this virus.

WHO three month later Re-evaluates the global emergency of the coronavirus. Tedros Adhanom says, “We hope that in the year ahead, the world will enter a new phase in which hospitalizations and deaths will reach their lowest levels and health systems will be able to manage Covid-19 in a coherent and sustainable way.”

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