The world map of Diablo 4 will get bigger over time

According to the director of Diablo 4, the story part of the game will not continue in the chapters of the game, but they will probably add new areas to the map.

Diablo 4 is coming out in two weeks, but that’s just the beginning of what will be several years of support for the game; Because the creators of the post-launch content have considered a lot of action and role-playing games. Blizzard has already confirmed that the first season of Diablo 4 will be available in the second half of July and will add new content to the game, including story missions and seasonal challenges with valuable rewards.

Now the director of the game has announced that the content of each chapter does not expand the main story of the game. In a new interview with Eurogamer media, Diablo 4 director Joe Pipaiora explained: “We will have two types of additional content after the game’s launch, which include quarterly seasonal content and expansion packs. While we’re not going to talk about expansion packs today, it’s important for players to know that these packs are an important part of Diablo 4’s post-release support.

However, when we talk about seasonal content, we know that our purpose in presenting them is related to the expansion of the world of Diablo 4 and Sanctuary; However, we don’t want to expand the main story part in the form of seasons so that players don’t have to get seasonal content to better experience the story of the add-on packs.

Revealing the character of Rogue in the game Diablo 4

The director of Diablo 4 further explained that another reason why Blizzard does not intend to expand the campaign through seasons is related to the team’s approach to each season. Instead of creating each chapter based on the sequence of the story, the development team intends to create it as a great and independent series so that each chapter has its own unique theme and context; Because the content and missions of each chapter are designed based on this main context. Pipayora further added:

“Each season may introduce new characters or bring back some old characters, but the story will be independent and separate from the main campaign or other seasons. Each season tells a unique story in the world of Sanctuary that players will have fun with throughout the season, while also gaining access to a variety of new gameplay mechanics and new content. During each quarterly season, players will receive a variety of missions, seasonal context, gameplay mechanics, rewards, monsters to hunt, boss fights, and the like that will replace the previous season’s content.”

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Art Director John Mueller then asked players to think of the world of Sanctuary as a canvas for future seasonal stories: “Once it’s established, we can use the game world to create a variety of content, including small and sub-stories that are still interesting.” , are dark and scary and have nothing to do with Eternal Conflict, we had the same feeling and mood of a real Diablo. It’s a lot of fun working on content like this right now.”

In response to a question about the possibility of expanding the game’s map in each season, Muller said: “Frankly, making more areas of the Sanctuary world for each season is something we like. However, there are some technical limitations that make the manufacturing process time-consuming. We tend to add new areas to the map every season and we don’t want to give up on that idea. “Obviously, in expansion packs we can offer more areas of the Diablo 4 universe to explore, but as for the chapters, I like the idea of ​​digging deeper into certain areas and unveiling new lands.”

Diablo 4 game on 16 June (June 6) on computer platforms, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Xbox Series S will be released. Buyers of two deluxe and ultimate versions of the game can access it four days earlier.

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