The world’s largest plane released a hypersonic bird for the first time + video

The largest plane in the world called Roc, a product of Stratolaunch, succeeded for the first time as a prototype of a hypersonic bird. Talon-A which was attached to the body of this plane, drop it at a height above the Pacific Ocean near the coast of California in the United States.

In a statement, Stratolaunch Aerospace Company announced that with the successful release of Talon-A, another step to the production of the launch system. Hypersonic birds It is closer. With two joined fuselages, six Boeing 747 engines, 28 wheels and a wingspan of 117 meters, the Roc is the world’s largest aircraft to take off and drop the TA-0.

How was the new mission of the world’s largest plane done?

The Roc lifted off from Mojave Air Force Base in southern California shortly after 9 a.m. local time in the test the eleventh Take your flight. The TA-0 hypersonic device, which is the prototype of the Talon, was placed between the two bodies of the Roc. The plane flew west and then dropped its cargo over the central coast of California.

Since Talon-0 had no engine, it could not perform any special movement. But it still performed hover maneuvers and returned telemetry data to the mission team. Finally, this bird in the water It fell and was destroyed according to the plan.

“Scott Shultz”, chief engineer of Stratolaunch, says that in this mission, all the first, second and third objectives of this experiment were successfully completed. After releasing the TA-0, the Roc returned to Mojave Air Force Base to complete its four-hour, eight-minute flight.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen launched Stratolaunch in 2011 with the initial goal of providing a platform for launching rockets from mid-air. This goal later changed in 2019 after Ellen’s death, and the company focused on building a platform for Research and Development Around the hypersonic birds with his giant plane.

The company is now preparing for a more ambitious test in the coming months.

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