These glasses detect the silent movement of lips with sonar waves! + Photo

Researchers at Cornell University have developed a new technology that allows for silent communication. The device they designed puts sonar technology on a pair of glasses to detect the user’s lip movements and read their words. These words can then be played over the loudspeaker for those who have speech problems or sent to computer systems.

Sonar glasses from Cornell University Small microphones and speakers Used to recognize words spoken silently by the user. This device does not have a camera and works without earbuds. To use it, the user just needs to put the glasses on his face.

This device is used to detect the movements of the user’s mouth from one Machine learning algorithm It helps to instantly analyze audio profiles. This mechanism makes the accuracy of the device in recognizing words to approx 95 percent reach

What are the uses of sonar glasses?

One of the most attractive uses of these glasses is for people who are facing sound problems. These people can convey their words to another speaker by just moving their lips so that their voice can be played in this way. This device can also be used in libraries To control music or door Concerts that there is a lot of noise, be used to send verbal commands to electronic systems.

Cornell researchers have made this technology in such a way that Small, low power and privacy friendly be; In such a way that no information will leave your mobile phone that is compatible with these glasses. “Most technologies in the field of silent speech recognition are limited to a few predefined commands and require the use of a camera, which is not convenient and convenient,” says Cheng Zheng, an assistant professor of communication science at Cornell University. We [فناوری] We bring sonar to the body.”

Researchers say that this system in A few minutes It can learn a person’s speech patterns. This device is also currently designed in such a way that 10 hours of battery life have Researchers are now looking for the commercialization of this technology.

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