This Chrome extension identifies verified Twitter accounts through the Blue service

Elon Musk with a monthly subscription of 8 dollars twitter Blue, which also includes the blue tick, has caused great chaos and now many users are getting this confirmation without the previous verification system of this social network and by paying money. Although Twitter plans to use a new gray tick to identify users who have paid to verify their account, developers have created a new browser extension that can show which accounts have received the tick by purchasing Twitter Blue.

Currently, Twitter’s Blue Tick is available to two groups of people: accounts that have been officially verified as “prominent figures in government, news, entertainment, or other categories” and accounts that have paid for the Twitter Blue service. You will get these explanations by clicking on the blue tick of each account. But this new plugin makes it easier for you.

Twitter blue tick indicator plugin

This extension, named “Eight Dollars” as an allusion to the cost of Blue service and Elon Musk’s emphasis on it, was developed by Will Seagar And Walter Lim it was made. Simply put, this plugin replaces the Verified Accounts icon with two new options, “Actually Verified” for featured accounts and “Paid for Verification” for Twitter Blue subscribers, which can be seen in the image above. .

The Eight Dollars plugin will show you the new badge on users’ profiles, your home page feed, and anywhere else where Twitter’s blue tick of approval is displayed.

Since this extension is brand new, it cannot yet be installed on the browser through the Chrome Web Store, and the developers are still waiting for approval from Google. Currently, it must be installed manually by turning on the Developer Mode option on the Chrome Extensions page and downloading the extension code from Github. The same method works in other browsers that support Chrome extensions, such as Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

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