This drone can carry 45 kg of cargo up to 1000 km! + Video

Drones are becoming more advanced day by day and now a drone that can fly up to 1000 km has been unveiled. The second generation of MightyFly’s cargo drone named Cento can carry 45 kg of cargo.

This drone, which has a carbon fiber body, weighs 161 kg with a load of 45 kg. This drone has a simple design and flies around itself through 8 propellers.

A drone with the ability to fly at a speed of 240 km/h

This drone can reach a maximum speed of 240 km/h, which is remarkable. Besides this high speed, Cento can fly up to 1000 km through its hybrid engine. All the motors of this drone are electric, however, a combustion engine is also used in this drone to burn hydrocarbon fuel for the batteries.

According to MightyFly, this drone is the smaller of the two compact cars with an overall size of 4 x 5 meters; So it needs little space to sit and stand up.

The Cento drone has been undergoing testing since December and has received a special permit from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for testing, however, it is currently not capable of carrying cargo for commercial operations.


MightyFly hopes to soon demonstrate a 1,000km mission with a 45kg payload. MightyFly wants to do such missions in cooperation with other companies, but there is no exact date for the start of commercial missions and it probably won’t happen this year.

Before this drone can carry out commercial missions, it must pass many tests and of course obtain the necessary permits. Along with this drone, MightyFly is also working on another cargo drone that can carry up to 227 kg of cargo.

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