This game depicts the human mind in the most beautiful way

The first thing you will notice when you encounter Figment 2 is its unique and special art style. The game also uses its own method of storytelling, which is admirable. Stay tuned for the review of Vijayato.

Figment 2 is one of those sequels that few people expect. The sequel was one of the special and beautiful games that was released in 2017 and was one of the attractive independent titles of that year.

Like the first part, the game uses a multifaceted and layered narrative, which has now reached more maturity. The world in which the Figment game tells a story is a mind with many different faces. A mind that you have the opportunity to search different parts of the game with the characters and reach different meanings and concepts.

This game depicts the human mind in its most beautiful form - Vijayato

Like the first part, Figment 2 uses the isometric camera angle and now tries to combine it with the graphic style of the game to make it even deeper than before. Apart from graphic improvements, Figment 2 now makes special maneuvers on storytelling and level design with music. Where now the levels of the game have generally found a musical mode and in the meantime you have to solve puzzles.

This game depicts the human mind in its most beautiful form - Vijayato

Usually, games that define a special art style and limited camera angles such as isometric for the story, have problems in their narrative. Although, in the meantime, Figment 2 not only does not reduce the depth of its puzzles and adventure aspect, but also shows how to present a more specific work in the form of a playable work of art with certain limitations.

The game’s level design choices also show special genius and creativity. While the fighting part of the game is depicted as simple, fast and relatively engaging, Figment 2 has at the same time placed attractive and challenging puzzles in between its fighting sequences.

Overall, Figment 2: Creed Valley is one of the best indie games released this year in the last few months. You can buy the game for $25 on Steam for PC or buy it for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation. Although the price of the game is high compared to its duration of 3-4 hours (depending on the type of game you play), in return you will be faced with a well-made and beautiful game, which is much more worth buying in discounts.

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