This robotic war dog can be controlled by the mind! + Video

The Australian military is testing a robotic dog that allows soldiers to control the robot by thinking about what they want. This device receives brain signals through an advanced headset that has biosensors and sends them to the robot.

The new technology that has been developed for this robot, a Brain robotics interface It analyzes brain waves and controls the robot by receiving information from them. Damien Robinson, Australian Army Sergeant who tested this system, says: “Learning the process of working with this system is not that difficult. “This mechanism is very intuitive and learning it only requires a few practice sessions.”

It is easy to control the robotic dog in different situations

In several test sessions, Robinson and his colleagues have been able to control robotic dogs with these headsets in difficult environmental conditions and adverse weather conditions. Soldiers in the current version of this system, by assigning points as Augmented Reality In their headset, they determine the direction of the robot.

“You don’t have to think about anything to steer this robot,” Robinson continues, “but you have to focus on the target point.” This technology with Investment of 1.2 million dollars Supported by Australia, it has been under development for the past three years by researchers at the University of Technology Sydney and the Robotics and Automated Systems Coordination and Implementation Office (RICO).

This robotic dog by the company Ghost Robotics Produced, can 9 Commandments receive different Transmitting commands through the mind is important because it may not be possible to speak in some operations, or because of too much noise, soldiers may not be able to give voice commands to robots.

Australian military to develop this system of headsets Microsoft HoloLens They have used it, which is made of graphene, so that in addition to high strength, it has low weight and good flexibility.

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