This spy bot melts after collecting information

Researchers in a new study to a spy robot Melters have hinted that it could one day collect information and melt after being exposed to ultraviolet light or heat.

In their research, scientists have referred to this melting spy robot as a soft robot; This means that it is made of materials that are much more flexible than those found in conventional robots. The presence of these softer materials makes the robot more flexible and has been proposed for several jobs such as delivering medicine to wild animals and even anti-cancer robots that can travel to specific parts of the body.

The ingredients of the spy robot


This particular robot is made by the researchers themselves using silicone composite. When this material is exposed to ultraviolet light or heat, it degrades quickly, which makes this spy robot easy to dispose of after its mission is over.

To test the effectiveness of this robot, scientists simulated a mission in which the robot had to search an unknown environment and then destroy itself.

During its mission, the spy robot managed to detect the temperature and even alert the researchers of its changes. He also used optical detectors to sense the light of the UV lamp. After completing the mission, the melting spy robot moved to a small hot plate that was heated to 120 degrees Celsius and then melted into an oily liquid.

Scientists have demonstrated many other remarkable soft robots over the past few years. For example, last year a soft magnetic slime robot was built that uses magnets to move and pick up objects and can navigate tight spaces without any problems.

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