three times faster than sound; China will be equipped with a supersonic drone! + Photo

In recent days, news related to the disclosure of confidential documents of the US Department of Defense has made a lot of noise. Now, information about a Chinese drone can be seen in one of these documents. Apparently, China wants to soon deploy a supersonic spy drone with three times the speed of sound.

Documents that have found their way to the Internet in recent days contain a lot of confidential information related to different countries. Now, according to the Washington Post, one of them shows China’s military progress. According to the document, China’s surveillance systems are advanced enough to help China target US ships around Taiwan, as well as military bases in the area.

Satellite images in the classified documents, dated August 9, 2022, show two WZ-8 missile-equipped reconnaissance drones at an air base 563 kilometers from Shanghai.

China’s spy drone with three times the speed of the face

According to leaked documents, China’s ultra-advanced drone is launched from a bomber and can travel at three times the speed of sound, which is slightly slower than America’s mysterious Lockheed Martin SR-72 Blackbird drone. The speed of the American drone is apparently equal to Mach 6.

China's supersonic drone

Having a supersonic drone can be a great help to China. With the help of this drone, this country will be able to map various regions at the moment, which will provide the strategy of other countries. In addition, maybe in the future it can be equipped with missiles to attack the enemy in war.

According to reports, Taiwan’s air force has many vulnerabilities against a possible Chinese invasion, and China is aware of this; Therefore, the more powerful and advanced air force it has, the faster it can achieve its goals in case of an attack on Taiwan.

The WZ-8 drone was introduced in 2019 during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, but there is little information about it, and we are in a way facing a mysterious drone, now the documents of the US Department of Defense have provided new details about it to those interested. .

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