Top 10 side quests that can only be found in GTA San Andreas

The GTA series of games are among the most unforgettable video titles of all time. When the first game of this franchise was released in 1997, Rockstar Studios had no idea that this beloved franchise would one day become a huge success. The GTA franchise has been present in our world of gamers for more than 25 years and so far we have seen many wonderful titles from this series. The right end of one of the most legendary games of this series; It is related to the game GTA San Andreas, which was released in 2004 for personal computers and consoles of the sixth generation. The reason was also the success of GTA San Andreas to the extent that Rockstar in recent years; This game has been played many times for different platforms including mobile; ported On the other hand, this game was so well made that even after 19 years since the release of this game; GTA San Andreas has its fans.

Although GTA San Andreas and its mobile port are an old game, they have very good standards. so that if we are going to compare this game with other titles of today’s video game industry; GTA San Andreas might even win the game in some categories. So, if you are also a fan of this lovely game, join us in this article to start our journey into the lovely world of GTA San Andreas and take a look at 10 of the best side quests and side steps that you can do in the world of GTA San Andreas. Find them in this game.

Robbery Missions

Robbery Missions are one of the most memorable side quests that played a role in the story of the game. These stages were among the first parts of the game that introduced you to the character of Rider in the game. In this series of side steps, you must use Black Boxville at 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM; Go to the specified locations and steal the items that the game asks of you. Therefore, you should be careful that no one notices your presence. Because if the owner of the house where you are busy with theft notices your presence; He will call the police immediately and you will be in big trouble.

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You should also note that the city of Los Santos is the best city to start this side stage. If you can steal more than 10 thousand dollars of different items in one night; The game will reward you with $3,000 for that. It has made Robbery Missions a profitable side quest for many players.

Freight Missions

In the GTA San Andreas game world, there are many vehicles that you can count on. From racing sports cars to military aircraft; They are only a part of the countless variety of vehicles in this fascinating game. The end of the Freight Mission side stage is one of those stages that is overlooked by many players. This stage requires you to become the driver of a freight train and deliver various cargoes at different stations in GTA San Andreas.

Also Freight Mission is a time mission and you have to deliver the cargo within the specified time. Also, this step may be as you expect; Not to be too exciting, but the interesting thing is that if you can complete all the missions of this side quest in the specified time, the game will reward you with 50 thousand dollars, which in turn; It is a very significant amount.

The Paramedic

The lovely side quest The Paramedic was first introduced in GTA Vice City. This side quest made you an emergency operator who had to help people. Fortunately, this side quest has also been opened to the world of GTA San Andreas and has a mechanism similar to GTA Vice City. You only need an ambulance to start this side quest. Your task is to transport the local people to the hospitals marked on the map before they die, and naturally the game requires you to do these steps only in a certain amount of time.

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Also, if you are in the villages or small towns of this game; Go to this side quest, your job will be easier. Also, the reward you will receive after completing the missions of this game is that your health will be tripled, and fortunately, this issue can be very effective in the gameplay.

Mount Chiliad Bike Racing

Mount Chiliad is the highest mountain in the GTA game series, which is also present in the GTA V game world in addition to GTA San Andreas. There are scary rumors and stories about this mountain that we mentioned earlier. But right next to these scary rumors, there are also many interesting side quests located in Mount Chiliad that can be really fun. The story is that near the top of this mountain there is a mountain bike that spawns only between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm, which you can use to participate in Chiliad mountain races.

On the other hand, the Mount Chiliad Bike Racing side quest may not be as hard as other side quests in this game, but it is definitely one of the most fun. Your competitors in Mount Chiliad Bike Racing are game characters who, due to the old artificial intelligence of this game; They are not considered as difficult competitors for you and you can defeat them easily.

Driving School

San Fierro is one of those cities in the game where many of the game’s story missions took place. leading to the driving school located in this city; It’s right there that hosts one of the most entertaining side stages of the game. In this side quest, you have to complete various challenges within a certain period of time. The stages of this side quest; As you progress, they become more and more difficult and you will naturally face many challenges.

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Another good news about this side quest is that if you can successfully complete 70% of its missions, the game will reward you with a Super GT – one of the rarest cars in the game. But if you can complete this side quest 100%, the game will give you the fastest car called Hotknife, which has a bulletproof body!

Valet Parking

Side Quest Valet Parking is located right in the center of San Fierro and north of the police department. Valet Parking seems very simple at first, but when you personally go to this side quest, you will realize the challenges ahead of you. In this side quest, you have to work as a doorman in the big hotel of this city. Your duty is to park the cars of the people who came to this hotel in the hotel parking lot. Of course, this issue does not end there and there are other gatekeepers besides you who do this.

This side quest has 5 different levels, in each of which your task becomes more difficult and the specified time is less. Therefore, if you can successfully complete all 5 levels, the game will reward you with a thousand dollars and in addition; San Fierro Hotel will also be unlocked as an asset and you will be given the profit from it and it will be a very good source of income for you.

Quarry Missions

In previous articles from the world of GTA San Andreas, we mentioned that Dumper is one of the rarest cars in this game, which can only be found in the Quarry Mission side quest. In this side quest, you have to be a member of criminal groups and using Dumper; Clear the marked paths from various obstacles so that the other members of the group can bury the bodies of the people and policemen they killed in this mine.

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Also, this side quest may seem very simple at first, but it has its own challenges. On the other hand, if you can finish all the Quarry Missions, the game will give you a lot of money as a reward, and the Dumper will be spawned as one of the rarest game machines forever in this area.

Trucker Missions

You can find the Trucker Mission side quest around Los Antos after completing the Tanker Commander story mission. In this side quest, you will be faced with 8 different missions, in all of which you must use trucks located near the city of Los Antos to deliver the desired cargo to the locations previously specified on the game map.

In this side quest, you will receive various cargoes randomly. Some of these cargoes must be delivered to the designated place within a certain period of time, and others also; You have to move carefully because the cargo is breakable. Finally, by completing all the stages of this side quest, the game will give you a huge cash reward.

Import and Export

This side quest opens after completing Cesar’s steps in San Fierro. As we found out in the story of the game; In this city, Cesar is looking to build and manage a large garage to perform various tunings on racing cars, and you have to help Cesar in this side quest to import a bunch of special cars into this city. The price of each of the game machines is different depending on their function and type, and the machines are also chosen completely randomly.

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Also, if you can import expensive cars, you can make Cesar’s business boom as well as your own huge income. Every day you go to this side quest, you can only buy or sell 3 cars! After all, if you can do everything correctly, the game will reward you with more than 350,000 dollars.


The Vigilante side quest was another one of those side missions that was introduced for the first time in the world of GTA Vice City. This mission turns you into a police officer who has to arrest criminals. You need a police car to start this side quest and as soon as you find one you can start your mission.

Also, this side quest has about 12 different levels, if you can finish all of them, the game will give you many rewards that can affect the gameplay.

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