Total eclipse and massive solar corona

Most photos do not capture the glory of the solar corona as it should. Direct viewing of the corona during a total solar eclipse is unparalleled. Conventional cameras cannot see and compare crown features and sizes as well as the human eye. Anyway, welcome to the digital age!

What do we see in today’s NASA image?

This composite digital image shows the large and small features of the solar corona when taken as a whole. This solar eclipse occurred in April 2023 in Exmouth, Australia. The tangled layers of burning, glowing material, a mixture of hot gas and fluctuating magnetic fields in the solar corona, are clearly visible. You can see the pink ring ridges that have appeared on the edge of the sun in the image.

The images, captured seconds before and after total capture, show glimpses of the Sun’s background known as “Bailey beads” and the “diamond ring effect.” The next total solar eclipse will be visible in North America in April 2024.

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