Toyota Camry is the new victim of the popularity of SUVs; Removing the popular sedan from the Japanese market

Toyota Camry is one of the most popular cars in the world. This popular Japanese sedan has very good sales in various markets around the world, including the United States. For a better understanding, it should be said that the sales statistics of this car are approx 600 thousand devices per year arrives. Of this figure, approximately 50% is related to the American market. But despite its high popularity, Toyota plans to produce the Camry in Japan termination to give This company has recently sent a notice to its dealers and announced that they should no longer wait for Camry!

Toyota’s decision to remove Camry has no other reason Increasing demand for SUV and crossover models In the American market and other countries of the world. This change of taste among customers, which we have been witnessing for several years in different countries, makes car manufacturers reconsider their product portfolio.

Toyota Camry is the latest victim of the growing popularity of SUVs

The Toyota Camry is not the first victim of the growing popularity of SUVs and crossovers in Japan. Last year Honda Legend and Nissan Fuga Also, which had many fans in the not-so-distant past, they were removed from the country’s market due to lower than expected sales.

Toyota Camry

Despite being removed from the Japanese market, the Toyota Camry will continue to be sold in other international markets. This mid-size sedan More than 100 countries of the world is presesnt. Since its launch in 1980, Toyota has more than 21 million devices It has produced from Kameri. As we mentioned above, this car has the most customers in America and has been sold in this country since 1982. Since that date, the citizens of this country more than 13 million devices They bought a Camry from Toyota.

Camry redesign in 1992, founder Continuous success This car was made in America. In that year, this Japanese sedan became the best-selling car in America after passing Ford Taurus, and it always maintained its position in the top ranks of the country’s most popular cars.

Toyota Camry

It is not bad to know that in the intervening years 2002 to 2016 Camry was the undisputed leader of the table of the best-selling passenger models in the American market. But in 2017, the RAV4 crossover overtook the Camry to become Toyota’s best-selling car.

Like America, Camry sales figures in other countries of the world have also gone through a downward trend. Of course, in Asian countries, this car and its smaller brother means Corollahave a strong customer base and a significant part of Toyota’s annual sales statistics are related to them.

It should be said that the current generation of Camry is from the year 2017 It is located on the production lines. This car has a common platform with the Avalon model, which ironically also said goodbye to the production lines last year. According to Toyota’s plans, the new generation of this car will be unveiled next year.

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