Tweets of 10,000 characters are possible for Twitter Blue subscribers

Twitter has recently announced that it has increased the number of characters in tweets to 10,000 characters (about 2,000 words) for users of its paid plan. Also, more features in the web version of this social network for subscribers Blue Twitter service Is considered; In the hope that other people will be encouraged to pay and buy a subscription.

What are the new features of Twitter Blue service?

The limit of 280 characters in text tweets had increased to 4 thousand characters with the availability of Twitter Blue service. Now, according to Twitter’s official announcement, the previous amount has increased 2.5 times and has reached 10,000 characters. Of course, the mentioned value is only for the web version, and users can also benefit from features specific to the text format such as bold or italicizing words in this version.

It seems that the recent changes made in Twitter have focused on attracting content producers to use Twitter as a platform for publishing long texts more than before. About a month ago, Elon Musk promised to increase the number of characters in the social network under his ownership, and now this promise has become a reality.

Blue Twitter service

Although the amount of 10,000 characters (about 2,000 words) seems too much for normal users; But it could be good news for people who make money from texting and tweeting. It goes without saying that among other changes not related to the Blue Twitter service, we can mention the change of the title of the Super Follows feature to Subscriptions. By using the mentioned feature, the interested parties can benefit from the exclusive content of another user and the presence in his private spaces in the form of plans of 3, 5 and 10 dollars per month. Twitter has promised that it will not allocate a share of this revenue for the next 12 months.

The increase in the number of characters that can be inserted in tweets is done after providing the ability to upload long videos with a length of several hours. The said features can help to keep more users inside this platform and increase their level of interaction. Also, accessing more features in the web version and convincing users to use this mode can provide the opportunity to display more ads.

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