Twitter Blue will likely be available again next week

Following the problems caused by the $8 service Twitter Blue and its blue tick, this social network decided to stop registering new users. But now Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, says that Twitter Blue will likely be available again next week.

Twitter Blue’s new service has caused many accounts to impersonate brands and celebrities. That’s why Twitter recently stopped registering new users. Now Elon Musk, the new CEO of this company In a tweet He said that Twitter Blue will probably start working again at the end of next week.

In the past, Twitter’s blue tick was awarded to the accounts of well-known and reputable people such as politicians, journalists and other public figures after going through some verification steps. But in the new Twitter Blue service, Musk made it possible for any user to get this badge by paying $8 a month. Late last week, this feature was only available to iOS users.

However, several users reported on Friday that the option to get a new subscription had disappeared, a source confirmed to Reuters. Now, Elon Musk responded to a user who asked: “When will the Blue Twitter service be available again?” “Probably next weekend,” he replied.

The rise of fake Twitter accounts

One of Musk’s long-standing problems with Twitter has been the number of fake accounts and spam on this social network. However, the new service Twitter Blue, which was introduced after the acquisition of the company by Musk, led to the increase of this category of users, and even in this, unofficial and fake accounts. For Elon Musk himself was also made.

For this reason, the mask In one of his tweets It announced that in the future, accounts impersonating someone else must use the word “Parody” in their bio and name. In addition, he has announced the addition of a “Parody” subtitle.

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