Twitter has apparently stopped registering new users on the Blue service

Some Twitter users have reported that the option to sign up for the company’s new $7.99 subscription service, ie Blue Twitterhas disappeared just days after its official launch on the iOS platform.

Generally, users could subscribe to the Twitter Blue service from the sidebar of the iOS version of the app (the service has not yet been launched for Android users), but according to Report of some usersApparently, this option has disappeared since today. Also, those who still have this option enabled will receive an error message with the following description:

Thank you for your interest. Twitter Blue will be available in your country in the future. Please check back later.”

Blue Twitter service mess

It’s not clear exactly why users can no longer sign up for the Twitter Blue service. Twitter may have intentionally stopped access to this service, as its launch was met with chaos and many users purchased it, identifying brands and celebrities.Even Elon Musk himself) are falsified. It is also possible that there is a technical problem with its registration.

The launch of Twitter Blue’s new service has been strangely confusing, with the social network trying to ease the confusion by introducing a new gray tick that marks accounts as “official”. However, Twitter launched the feature, removed it, and then relaunched it, all within a few days.

Elon Musk, who once sought to reduce the number of spam Twitter accounts, after the service’s chaotic launch and the rise of fake accounts, some of which were even in his own name, Announced This category of accounts should use the term “parody” in their title in addition to the biography section.

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