Two private companies have undertaken the task of building the lunar rover of NASA’s Artemis project

Company Lunar Outpost It has announced that it made the task in cooperation with Lockheed Martin Project Artemis lunar rover have undertaken for NASA. The company is also working with Nokia to provide 4G connectivity on the surface of the Earth’s only moon.

What are the features of Artemis project lunar rover?

It seems that the ambitions of the Lunar Outpost company are not over and its operators are seriously thinking about establishing a mine and extracting materials from the moon. In addition to the contract signed with NASA, the company will also work with Lockheed Martin to bring the production of the Lunar Rover (LMV) closer to reality.

The development process of the new generation of the lunar rover is of great importance for the Artemis project by Lockheed Martin, because it allows the astronauts to move more easily on the surface of the Earth’s moon and can provide the opportunity for new discoveries. According to the plans, this device will be used in the 2025 NASA mission to return to the moon.

The mission of the Lunar Outpost is to provide the necessary software to operate the new lunar rover used by NASA, named COSMOS. This software is described as a comprehensive mission control program for working with remote robotics that can handle data management and payload missions. The mentioned company will also cooperate in the design of navigation system, temperature management, lighting system and dust removal.

The main goal of the mentioned companies is to build a new lunar rover for the Artemis project with high efficiency and suitable safety for astronauts. The makers have said that this rover will have the ability to operate automatically without operator supervision; As a result, it can even move them without the intervention of astronauts. It is expected that in the coming months, we will see the release of more details about the design and features of this device by the two mentioned companies. It is worth noting that other companies such as General Motors also cooperate with Lockheed Martin in the construction of the said lunar rover.

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