Ubisoft’s program for long-term support of the XDefiant game

Ubisoft plans to support XDefiant long-term after its release.

XDefiant is a multiplayer shooting game that was introduced by Ubisoft last year. However, after the unveiling of this game, many saw it as another experimental project by Ubisoft in imitation of popular market trends. However, Ubisoft has continued to keep quiet about XDefiant since last year, and seems to be keeping its development going well behind the scenes.

The French publisher recently shared new XDefiant demos with fans, and it seems to have received positive feedback. Now, thanks to these shows and the release of more details, the name of XDefiant is appearing in various media and it seems that Ubisoft has many plans for the success and long-term support of this game.

Recently, Patrick Price, one of Ubisoft’s developers, announced in his new interview that the company does not consider XDefiant as a finished game and hopes to support it by releasing appropriate content after its release. The developer said:

The characters of the game xdefiant

“The important thing is the fact that XDefiant is not just a complete and finished game, but a work that we intend to support long after its release, constantly making new content available to its players. I imagine that will be one of our main goals for this game. Fans who get into this game know that the experience is going to be a long one. “While many other games are being released and their developers are starting a new project, we want to focus on supporting XDefiant for as long as we can.”

There is now a long list of game developers who promised long-term support to players before launching their service-based games, but ultimately failed to do so, and we saw their games die an early death. However, it remains to be seen how successful Ubisoft will be in supporting the XDefiant game and meeting the demands of its players.

XDefiant game for release on PC platforms, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | The Xbox Series S is in production. The release date of this game has not yet been announced.

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