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Unveiling the Logitech G Cloud handheld console

Logitech has recently unveiled the Logitech G Cloud cloud game console, which users can experience games on cloud services.

Yesterday, the electronics manufacturer Logitech unveiled the Logitech G Cloud gaming console. This handheld console, which is priced at $299, provides users with a combination of Android games and cloud gaming services such as Nvidia GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

According to published information, this device weighs 463 grams and the battery built into it will be enough for about 12 hours of continuous play. A seven-inch 60 Hz touch screen with 1080p or Full HD resolution is another hardware feature of this game console. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 720G processor will handle the computing tasks of this device, although the information about the amount of RAM and internal memory of this device has not been announced. Logitech G Cloud uses 3.5 mm headphone jack, USB C and Bluetooth 5.1.

Microsoft says that using the Logitech JCloud gaming device will be the best way to truly experience the power of the Xbox Stream cloud technology service. It is not yet known whether this device natively supports other game streaming services such as Google Stadia and Amazon Luna, but the official application of both Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now services is also pre-installed on this device. Of course, users will need to purchase subscriptions to these services separately, but the Fortnite game will be available to players for free on this handheld console. You can watch the unveiling trailer of this gaming device from the official YouTube page of Logitech.

Microsoft also confirms that this device supports Xbox Remote Play and Steam Link, so users can stream and play even games from their library that are not on the Game Pass service.

Logitech also confirms that this device does not need to access the Internet to run Android operating system games and the Google Play store, and also users can play the games of these platforms by installing the retro game console emulator program with the help of the built-in controllers on this console, which include gyroscope and They also use haptic technology, to experience easily.

Logitech G Cloud is released at a time when we are witnessing the improvement of the state of general supply of the powerful portable computer Steam Deck by Volvo company, and on the other hand, the announced price of this device is not much different from the price of the non-old version of Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. However, this device will probably perform well in East Asian gaming markets such as China and South Korea. The global release date of this game has not yet been announced, but this device will be available to US and Canadian users on a limited basis from October 17 (October 25) at a price of $299.

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