Users can now interact with the Bing chatbot up to 150 messages per day

Over time, Microsoft is reducing the limits of the Bing Chat chatbot, and in the latest round of this reduction, the number of daily messages to interact with this artificial intelligence has increased from 120 messages to 150 messages.

Youssef Mehdi, one of the directors of Microsoft, in a tweet Bing has announced the reduction of chatbot restrictions. Now, in each session, you can interact with this chatbot up to 15 messages and talk with it up to 150 messages a day. In the past, these limits were equal to 8 and 120 messages, respectively.

Improved Bing chatbot balance mode

In his tweet, Yusuf Mehdi also mentioned an optimization for the balanced mode of Bing Chat. According to this Microsoft manager, this optimization significantly improves the performance of this chatbot in shorter and faster responses. Despite the balanced mode optimization, Microsoft hasn’t made any changes to the detailed and creative modes.

Bing Chat Chatbot

It’s been a short time since Bing Chat was released, and Microsoft has reduced its limits several times during this time. The main reason for applying these restrictions was the inappropriate answers that this artificial intelligence provided to users after long conversations. But now it seems that the Redmonds have been able to deal with these problems and are now cautiously reducing the restrictions.

Along with this reduction of restrictions, Microsoft is also working on new features for the Bing chatbot. The Redmonds want to add new characters to this chatbot and also provide users with the ability to save messages.

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